TNG of HPH Group and The University of Veracruz move forward regarding Technological Transference.

The University of Veracruz will deliver the aquatic drone “Mantarraya” to the shipyard in June.

The morning of Monday , April 18th, the general management at Talleres Navales del Golfo (TNG), a subsidiary of Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) opened its doors to the University of Veracruz to celebrate a business meeting where part of the academic-business linking efforts materialized.

In this successful business meeting, lead by Mr. José Antonio Sardiña Aguirre, General Manager of TNG and current President of CANACINTRA Veracruz, along with Mr. Rafael Diaz Sobac,  General Director of the Technic and Academic area of UV introduced the advances made in the aquatic drone “ Mantarraya” that university alumni are developing according to the shipyard’s needs to conduct submarine inspections of up to 30 meters of depth and that will be delivered around the second half of the year.

“This is a very important proof of how the universities can indeed interact with the companies in matters of technological transference and how can the pile of knowledge that institutions like UV have can be put in practice in order to provide the industry, since Veracruz needs a boost and it is important to generate opportunities so that the great student talent stays at home.” Expressed Mr. Sardina, who also stated the initiative to set up a laboratory as a technological and investigation development center.

Also attending were Mr. Juan Gabriel Hernandez and Mr. Luis Lara from the Secretary of Finances and Administration, Mrs. Alejandra Aguilar, Director if University Enterprises and Mr. Azzur Hernandez as guests from the UV, as well as Mrs. Elizabeth Avello and Mrs. Patricia Aguilar form the directive of CANACINTRA, Mrs. Paola Yepez, Mr. Salvador Maldonado, Mr. Francisco Quijano, and Mr. Agustín Mancisidor, as part of the managerial staff at Talleres Navales del Golfo.